Senator Warren’s Facebook Ad Campaign Against Elon Musk Is Hurting America

4 min readDec 21, 2021
Elon Musk is paying over $11 billion taxes yet Senator Warren claimed he avoids taxes in her ads on Facebook.

Every day, there seems to be a renewed attack by prominent politicians against Elon Musk. Over the weekend, it was discovered that Senator Elizabeth Warren took out Facebook ads attacking Elon Musk on a level that would have one thinking that he is an actual enemy of hers. I was tagged in a post, and when I shared it, Elon Musk even responded.

I was hoping that someone would tell me that the images were photoshopped, but instead, we discovered more. We being, the Tesla community. Dave Lee, Jim Hall and many others. Dave Lee made an excellent analysis video detailing the ads and why he thought they were distasteful and you can watch that here.

The post I was tagged in said,

“Elon Musk is whining like a baby to his millions of Twitter followers. He must be scared because he knows what every other billionaire in America does: that he’s been freeloading off of working people, and that I won’t back down from a fight.”

“Will you chip in $10 to help Warren Democrats pass a wealth tax, keep the 1% in check and fight for working people?”

This wasn’t the only ad. There’s more. In other ads, she calls him a thin-skinned billionaire. freeloader and in another she claimed that Elon Musk had gotten over $250 billion richer during the pandemic and when she asked him to pay his fair share, he whines like a baby. Each ad is asking her supporters to give her $10 and there are several of these ads. You can view them all for yourself, here.

Naturally, I made a long Twitter thread because I was hoping it was fake. I was hoping someone would say, “Johnna you need to delete this because this is photoshopped.”

But that never happened. Instead, the proof kept piling up. Others tweeted about it also including Jim Hall who found out just how much money she spent on these ads. It may not seem like much at the moment but she listed them on December 14th and they are still running. We won’t know how much she is spending on those ads until she ends the campaign.

Jim and I were tagged by the same person, Rad, who was concerned about the outright lies that Senator Warren is spreading about Elon Musk. And Elon’s response to me today was very, very polite yet direct. There were no name callings, no trolling. I’m proud of him for that however, I wouldn’t blame him if he snapped.

Many prominent Democrats are spreading the lie that Elon Musk doesn’t pay taxes and that he’s freeloading off of the American people. This is a lie. And it should be illegal for politicians to go this far. I would expect to see this viciousness from Warren and other candidates aimed at their competitors in a presidential race, but Elon isn’t running for president. He can’t. He’s not a US-born citizen — he’s Naturalized.

Dave Lee pointed out that Senator Warren is up for election in 2024 so it could be surmised that she’s trying to rally her base to vote for her and is using Elon Musk as a political target. This means that her actual opponent is less threatening to her than Elon Musk — just my opinion here. But for her campaign stance to move from a focus on renewable energy to anti-Elon Musk is a shift that could cost Democrats if they are not careful.

There’s something else that I added that wasn’t a part of the thread. Elon shared it on Twitter by liking the tweet and this actually warmed my heart. A simple like may seem meaningless to those who don’t know how Twitter’s algorithm works. When you hit the like button on a tweet, that tweet will show up in the feed of your followers as if you replied to that person.

I tweeted that for those who had the $10 and wanted to give, perhaps they should donate it to a homeless shelter. In fact, I fully believe that Elizabeth Warren should donate every penny made from these ads to shelters that serve the homeless and the poor. She is a millionaire literally hustling her base on the premise that she is fighting wealth inequality. She’s asking people who are struggling and trying to make ends meet for $10 while claiming she is fighting Elon Musk.

There is a dark narrative being pushed and many, many don’t believe it or want to see it. I get it, reality hurts. Our leaders are focusing too much on trying to take down Elon Musk and not at all on solving the problems they were elected to solve.

Elon Musk isn’t the enemy. Whether or not you like Elon Musk does not matter here. What does is that we have prominent politicians who should be focused on their climate policies along with their other policies. Instead, they are making up narratives and going as far as to actually defame one of their climate allies all in the name of standing up against wealth inequality.

Yes, I support standing up against wealth inequality. I used to live on the streets and have been homeless throughout most of my life, after all. However, this problem isn’t the fault of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, or anyone else. And this problem isn’t going to go away because as with Elon Musk, wealth inequality is nothing more than a political talking point that is being used to make politicians some extra cash for their campaigns.

Senator Warren has taken out similar ads against Jeff Bezos. Instead of solving the actual problem causing wealth inequality, politicians bicker and fight, talk and spend money on taking out ad campaigns against people they don’t like.

This solves nothing.